How to pitch

Please email with story tips or commissions of work. Please do not send press releases, bulk emails, or PR pitches to this address, or subscribe me to mailing lists — I get a huge amount of them and I’m just not able to respond (apologies!).

You can also message me on Signal: +6427 387 0165. This number is checked daily and is for Signal only — it doesn’t have regular calls or texts enabled. 

Post information to: Charlotte Graham-McLay, PO Box 14-616, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6241, New Zealand. This is the safest way to get in touch if it’s sensitive. If you’re sending me a sensitive document, don’t print it off your work computer or use work internet or devices to send it. Here are some tips on providing sensitive material to reporters. 

Once we’ve connected I’m happy to video call or meet in person about stories I’m proceeding with if that’s your preference. 

What to pitch 

Due to time constraints I am unable to respond to messages outside of news tips or commissions; apologies for any inconvenience this causes.  

I’m currently writing a book about the 15 March 2019 terrorist attack in Christchurch. I also report out current events stories of interest to international audiences about New Zealand’s politics, international relations and place in the world. I love to hear about those things; these are the places I’m published.

I don’t cover products and services, events/launches, marketing campaigns, crowdfunding, global conspiracy theories, or things that happen outside of New Zealand (unless they are about New Zealand). 

Usually I can only act on tips if you tell me who you are, unless I’m able to independently corroborate what you send me (often only possible if you’re sending official documents). We can discuss whether your name needs to be publicly attached to the story, but knowing your real name privately is the best way for me to decide how to proceed. 

I am often unable to pursue tips because they’re hearsay — i.e. you personally didn’t witness what you’re telling me and don’t have any evidence to prove that it happened. But if you do have first-hand information about something important, you don’t need to write me anything long, formal or fancy — just let me know the gist and we can talk.


Where it doesn’t clash with my other commitments, I can provide advice, contacts or additional reporting on stories about New Zealand, as long as your publication offers both payment and byline credit.

If you are commissioning work, please include the budget for the job in your first email. I can also be commissioned for tape sync jobs in Wellington, New Zealand.